About Us

Bottom of the Barrel is a Pittsburgh-based Brand founded in 2016 by Creative Director LeVaughn Robinson on the premise of rejection, racism and poverty in my immediate community and using those same negative connotations as fuel to take me from “the bottom of my barrel to the top of the world”.

We see so many sustainable brands doing remarkable things, but mostly targeting a very specific customer with a more basic style. At Bottom of the Barrel we want to be discrete and sophisticated, but also edgy and loud. This is my perception of a minimalistic brand with a balance of gaudiness. We will focus on sustainability that is good looking, good quality and reasonably priced while paying obsessive attention to detail.

Bottom of the Barrel is a well-ordered balance of high fashion and streetwear. The brand will incorporate activism, religion, and self-identity into its clothing and designs while creating timeless works of art anyone can wear.
We understand with so many new brands streetwear becomes very hard to define, but we will do our best to articulate our story as we rise to become a top producer in the fashion industry.

Thank You,

LeVaughn Robinson

Creative Director